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The purpose of this web site is to publish results from the 2003-2006 Smothers DNA Project, a genetic study aimed at finding ancestral connections between today's known Smothers family lines, including all directly allied families such as Smathers, Smeathers, Smithers, Smethers, Smethurst, etc.  The actual DNA sample analysis is being conducted by Family Tree DNA, a company specializing in the application of DNA analysis to genealogy, aka genetic genealogy.

This 2003-2006 Smothers DNA Project website is no longer being updated with new data.  For the most recent updates to the Smothers DNA Project see the new 2007-2008 website linked below.

The 2007-2008 Smothers DNA Project Administrator is Nena Smothers Cook.  We are looking for DNA sample donors to expand our database.  Feel free to email Nena with questions about the project.  You can also leave a note in the Smothers Genealogy Guestbook, below.

We currently have results from 51 Participants (DNA donors).   The most recent results are at the new 2007-2008 SMOTHERS DNA PROJECT WEBSITE; check out the link below.

  • Email Project Administrator: Nena <>
  • Email Smothers Genealogy Site Webmaster: Bill Smothers <>

Recent Updates (2008):

2007-2008 SMOTHERS  DNA PROJECT  WEBSITE (click link)

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