Dr. Dyer Harris

  Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers, Fluid Flow
Dyer Harris, PhD, ME, PE

Dr. Harris received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University. He joined DuPont and after managing several Research and Development departments, he became Director of Research and Engineering for Dupont's Medical Imaging Systems. Later he became Vice President of Sterling's Imaging Equipment Engineering. 

While at DuPont, Dr. Harris founded an engineering firm in South Carolina (1971-1983) to primarily engage in architectural engineering projects. In 1997 he founded Equipment Engineering Services PA in Delaware. 

Dr. Harris' industrial engineering experience includes developing high flux convective heat transfer industrial process system; heat transfer sizing algorithms for unique heat exchanger designs; software to assist in heat load analysis, duct sizing and energy consumption; means to minimize contamination from alloy materials in drinking water systems; and portable digital radiography system.

He designed a large heat transfer laboratory in which simulated fuel assemblies heated electrically could be tested for cooling effectiveness; nuclear fuel assemblies: mechanical design, cooling flow transients, and heat transfer; next generation HVAC servicing unit minimizing refrigerant release; and heating, air conditioning, electrical distribution systems for over 40 hospitals, clinics, and commercial buildings.

He also analyzed performance and sizing of industrial heat exchangers in unusual service and conditions; two-phase flow and heat transfer in boiling water systems; and tank and pressure vessel designs, including nuclear fuel shipping casks and high-pressure gas containers.

Dr. Harris directed development of imaging equipment products, including Direct Radiography (flat plate receptor technology,) 4Cast™ Color Proofer, and Linx™ Network System; research in laser isotope separation technologies and in production of plutonium-238 heat sources that still power spacecraft; design of system to cast radwaste into molten glass and immobilize it; and mechanical and digital electronic equipment products: precision film processors to electronic cameras (laser write engines) to software for image processing and manipulation.  

In addition to his industrial career, Dr. Harris taught Thermodynamics at the University of South Carolina-Aiken campus for ten years, Statics and Dynamics for Engineers at the University of Tennessee, and P.E. Exam Preparation at Penn State University. He wrote, and continues to teach, the Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer course for ASME's On-Line Continuing Education Institute. 

Dr. Harris is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Delaware and South Carolina. He is currently ASME Vice President of Affinity Communities; he is also a member of ASHRAE. 

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