Vibrant: a 1975 Ranger 33, Hull# 164

Ranger sailboats were designed by Gary Mull and have proved extremely popular among sailors for their quality, grace, speed and comfort. The Scale Model Company makes half hull models of all of the Rangers.

We purchased the Vibrant in September, 1998. It had been sitting on the hard at Gregg Neck Boat Yard in Galena, Md for two years. Purchase cost was $15,000 and we had the boat surveyed prior to the purchase. During the winter we keep the boat at Gregg Neck and in the summer at Rock Hall Landing Marina. Over the past 2-3 years we have made numerous modifications which are described here.

Here is the original Ranger 33 Owners Manual and Specifications thoughtfully combined into one file by Ralph Brown from the Sailnet ranger-list. R33 Guide

Here is how the Vibrant looked last year, 2001, on her spring dunking.


In her slip at Rock Hall displaying new bimini and roller furler

Sailing off Turkey Point, Upper Chesapeake Bay

Jim Bussard (Owner)

Phil & Phyllis Winkler (Owners)

Flying the spinnaker

We replaced the old, scratched windows with smoked acrylic and added the Ranger 33 name using vinyl lettering made by my brother.

All new windows

Vinyl Lettering

We purchased new hardware from Garhauer Marine. New hardware was required to lead all lines back to the cockpit and includes a boomvang, rope clutches, blocks and a deck organizer. We also installed a new Bomar Hatch for the salon to improve ventilation and a bow roller.

Garhauer Boomvang and new Bomar hatch

Garhauer Rope Clutches

Blocks on the mast

Deck Organizer

We installed a bow roller, moved the traveler forward about 6 inches to accomodate the clutch and relocated the winch for the main sheet. Our teak slides for the hatch were in very bad shape, but by reversing them and drilling new holes we ended up with almost new looking slides and the damaged ends are now hidden under the hatch cover.

Bow roller


The reversed slides

Inside, we built an electrical panel to replace the original fuse panel with Blue Sea Systems circuit breakers and also replaced the original AC circuit breaker with a new one from Blue Seas. After rewiring the mast and replacing the deck lights, anchor light and steaming light we added switches for everything. We also added a tachometer from Moyer Marine.

The venerable Atomic 4 in her cave. We added the Indigo Electronic Ignition and also the Indigo prop. The prop permits us to actually have steerage in reverse, has eliminated prop walk and also increased our ability to punch through 3-5 waves in a headwind. It is one of the best investments we have made to date.

Electrical Panel

The Atomic 4. Note the over temperature alarm assembly

We added hinges and a clasp to the front of the engine compartment to make accessing the Atomic 4 much easier. This panel was originally held on by bolts on either side.

Easy to access Atomic 4

The Indigo Prop before cleaning.

The V Berth

The Galley

The main cabin

The 8" Cockpit Hatch

Looking down at the venerable A4. Easy to check the oil and turn the greasecup n the waterpump.

The easily removed water pump cover from Speedseal .

The two stern hatches we installed.

This spring, 2002, we cleaned the hull with Tide and Comet on the black marks to remove as much dirt as possible. We the applied New Glass (a polymer/acrylic) using a flat chamois applicator on a mop head with handle. We made 8 inch vertical strokes working around the hull. The NewGlass dries in 40-50 seconds.

Spring cleanup. Four coats of NewGlass

From the stern

Spring cleanup. Four coats of NewGlass

Spring cleanup. Four coats of NewGlass

Spring cleanup. Four coats of NewGlass and resting in her slip at Gregg Neck Boat Yard

The Vibrant under sail on the Chesapeake in very light winds off of Fairlee Creek. This is the first use of our new 155% Genoa made by Concord Point Sales in Havre de Grace, MD. The main is an almost new recut Halsey sail. Notice the infamous Ranger burgee from the ranger-list on

Under sail off Fairlee Creek

The infamous Ranger Burgee from the ranger-list at

In B16 at Rock Hall Landing Marina

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