Wilmington Sailing Group, January 2004


The association shall be named the Wilmington Sailing Group (WSG) and shall be perpetual unless all members agree to disband it. The association will own no property and will not exist for profit.


Purpose: WSG is formed for the express purpose of defining the terms and conditions under which up to 4 members shall lease the Ranger 33 sailboat, Vibrant,Hull ID# RAY331641074, jointly owned by Phil & Phyllis Winkler.


Meetings: There will be at least 1 meeting (can be via email or phone) each year of all members where boat location, membersí weekends, and vacation weeks will be determined. The boat location each year will determine the annual maintenance cost (currently Osprey Pt Marina, Rock Hall MD). Each member shall pay their amount + $100.00 to be held for unanticipated repair costs. Ad hoc meetings may be held at any time or over the internet. In all decisions the majority vote shall be the deciding factor. In the event of a tie the owners will decide.


Terms: For an initial non-refundable payment of $3,000 plus 25%of the annual maintenance payment determined at the annual meeting, members will have a perpetual lease on the boat, and†† 25% of the sailing days each year. The maintenance amount consists of slip fees, winter storage fees, hauling fees, insurance, bottom painting and engine servicing. After one year a member may opt out of WSG by letter of resignation. An opting-out member may sell his share to another person if that person is found acceptable to the owners. In the event the boat is placed up for sale all existing members shall have the right of first refusal to purchase her.


Usage: A database will be used to determine membersí usage dates following a meeting to determine if there are any particular weeks desired by the members. A sailing schedule will be computer generated of memberís sailing weeks. Following adoption of the Sailing Schedule members are free to swap dates with others, but this will have no effect on the official Sailing Schedule. Members may, but are under no obligation to do so, invite other members during their weekend. Members will, at the spring meeting, agree on the period each gets the boat for a vacation if desired. This vacation week shall include one of their scheduled weekends. If a member will not use the boat on his week, he must notify the other members so they may use it if desired. Vacant dates are negotiable.


Members may not operate the boat until they are determined to be qualified by the owners. Membersí guests may not operate the boat under the same conditions. The boat will be gassed up and cleaned when leaving it after your weekend/vacation. The shipís log (in the Nav table) will be maintained each sailing day with destinations, events, problems, engine hours, etc.


Repairs and New Equipment: Any damages or equipment loss caused by negligence will be charged to the negligent member. Repairs needed for seaworthiness will be made and the cost covered via an assessment of all members. New equipment purchases shall be agreed to by a majority if a member seeks reimbursement. Any member may pay for an item singly as long as no one member disagrees with the installation or use of the product. Major equipment items (over $500) will not be assessed to the members.