Dear Ranger Owner,


We have begun collecting information about Ranger sailboats and listing it on the web at:


The purpose of the listing is to give Ranger owners information about boats near their own or contact info for other owners. This sharing of information can do much to preserve these fine sailing vessels.


If you would like to contribute your boat’s data to the list here is what we would like to gather. You can email the info to Phil Winkler at or mail it to him at


Ranger Database

816 Washington St

Wilmington DE 19801



Boat Name                                         ____________________________

Length                                               _____

Hull#                                                  _________

Hull Identification Number (HIN)        ___________________________

Where manufactured                           ___________________________

Date Manufactured                              ___________________________

Where it lies-City/State                        ___________________________

Type of Engine                                   ___________________________

Owners Name                                    ___________________________

Owners Occupation                            ___________________________

Email Address                                    ___________________________

Website, if any                                    ___________________________

PHRF                                                _________