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Action Wednesday, Aug 16th. Join us if you can. 
Carvel Building employees asked to help clean up the Wilmington sewers

Green Delaware continues "Corporate Responsibility" campaign Wed. August 16th

Please note the press release below.  If you can, join us in Wilmington on Wednesday.  If not, please call or sent an email to Gov. Carper.  Please forward this to others who might be interested.

NEWS RELEASE     from Green Delaware     August 15, 2000

  920 State of Delaware employees poop in Wilmington Rivers

On Aug. 16, at 11:30, Green Delaware will ask State employees in the Carvel State Building at 8th & French Streets in Wilmington DE to "hold it " during rainy weather, until Wilmington's polluting sewer system is fixed.

Carper Administration called upon to "be a good citizen" and support legislation to outlaw raw sewage dumping by Jan 1, 2008.

Major employers in Wilmington have added thousands of jobs during the administration of Mayor Jim Sills.  In the last 3 years alone, Sills has run up a surplus of 32 million dollars, while diverting about 6 million dollars/year from its Water and Sewer Fund to operating expenses, including employee salary increases.  Meanwhile, the City refuses to clean up it's antique sewer system.

Every bathroom in Wilmington, including those in the Carvel State Building, flushes into the same pipes which carry rainwater.  When it rains, these pipes overflow directly into the Brandywine and Christina Rivers through 38 "Combined Sewer Overflows."  These polluted rivers are used for fishing, wading, swimming, and boating.  Green Delaware and many state legislators feel the City is not serious about ending this problem.  According to the City plan, 11 of the 38 overflows would be partially cleaned up after 19 years, and 27 would remain.  (Recently, Mayor Sills claimed that "not enough sewage goes into the rivers to cause health problems.")

Corporate/Major employer responsibility campaign

State legislation to get rid of the sewer overflows by 2008 has broad support.  The key part of the bill requires that the overflows be eliminated, not just reduced.   Green Delaware is asking Wilmington's major employers to use their enormous influence to help get this bill passed when 
the state legislature re-convenes in January.  In the meanwhile, Green Delaware asks them to put in portable toilets for employee use during rainy weather.  Targets of the campaign include DuPont, MBNA, State of Delaware, Wilmington Trust, Amtrak, 1st USA, and others.  One employer will be targeted every week.

Alan Muller, Executive Director of Green Delaware, commented: "The Carper Administration should be ashamed of it's role in perpetuating this gross pollution problem."

One Wednesday, August 16, from 11:30 to 1:00, Green Delaware supporters will hand out flyers in front of the Carvel building at 820 French St., asking employees to please avoid using bathrooms when it's raining, and asking Carper to install portable toilets.  Those unable to be in 
Wilmington are asked to contact Gov. Carper's office., 302.577.3210,

For more information on Green Delaware's corporate responsibility campaign contact:  Alan Muller 302.834.3466

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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