Do you know that

Your Health is Threatened by a Proposed INCINERATOR?

Philpower Corp., from North Carolina, is trying to build a waste wood incinerator (burner) at various locations in New Castle County. The most recent known site is at 1190 Porter Rd. in Bear, but Philpower President Wayne Coverdale says he is "scoping out the whole area." (Any possible site in New Castle County, and probably anywhere in Delaware, would be near numerous communities.)

"... the emissions from incinerator processes are extremely toxic. Some of the emissions are carcinogenic. We know scientifically that there is no safe threshold below which one can allow such emissions. We must use every reasonable instrument to eliminate them altogether..."

United Kingdom Environment Secretary Michael Meacher, Testimony to the House of Lords, March, 1999.

Join the Fight against Incineration

For years communities throughout Delaware have been threatened by incinerator proposals. (Often these proposals have been encouraged by misguided public officials.) Now, people throughout Delaware are cooperating to defeat Philpower and pass laws to ensure that such absurd proposals will never again threaten us.

(Think about the effect on property values; who would want to live in the shadow of a 215 ft. incinerator smokestack?)

(Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to air pollution)

What you Can Do:

Governor Thomas Carper office 302.577.3210, home 302.764.7478 (Wilmington) ( Gov. Carper has supported incinerators, and is refusing to take a position on Philpower. Let him know you won't vote for him for Senator unless the incinerator ban becomes law. Ask the Gov. to meet with Green Delaware about Philpower.

Lt. Governor Ruth Ann Minner office302.577.8787 ( Minner, who is running for Governor, has also supported incinerators and is declining to take a position on Philpower. Let her know you don't want her to become governor unless she supports the incinerator ban. Ask her to meet with Green Delaware about Philpower.

Sen. Dave McBride (Chair, Sen. Nat. Res. Comm.) home 322-6100. "Must have a 3 mile ban"

County Executive Tom Gordon office: 302.395.5102, home 302.239.9019, "we are holding the county responsible to keep out Philpower,"

Your state Senator, Representative, and County Council member

Philpower Corp. President Wayne Coverdale office 910.392.7690, home: 910.792.5619, car phone: 704.904.9796 Tell him to keep his incinerator out of Delaware.

The Center for Resource Solutions (the "Green-e" people.) 415/561-2100 Fax. 415/561-2105 ( They seem to want Philpower to be able to sell the small amount of electricity their incinerator would generate as "green" power). Tell them incinerator power isn't "green" and "Green-e" won't be welcome in Delaware if it includes incinerator power.

Who has generally supported incinerators in the past? Governor Carper, Lt. Governor Minner, Conectiv, the chemical industry (the DuPont Co., for example, operates many incinerators), construction trade unions, the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, General Assembly and County Council members under the influence of industry and construction unions, lawyers, bankers, and lobbyists who stand to profit, etc.

For more information contact Green Delaware, 834-3466,,