Outlaw Raw Sewage Dumping.

Protect our Children's Health!

  • The City of Wilmington dumps hundreds of millions of gallons per year of raw sewage mixed with polluted runoff and chemical poisons into the Christina and Brandywine each year.
  • 38 "Combined Sewer Overflows" dump the sewage, threatening the health of anyone coming into contact with river water. Children are especially at risk. Diseases and parasites that can be transmitted include Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Cholera, Poliomyelitis, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Diarrhoea, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Mononucleosis. The sewage also contains poisons such as mercury and PCBs, which cause cancer and birth defects.
  • While other cities have benefitted from cleanup of their rivers, Wilmington refuses to clean up, and seeks renewal of it's expired dumping permit. The City plans to spend only 1.7 percent of it's 148 million 6-year capital program on cleaning up the Combined Sewer Overflows.
  • Green Delaware, the Wilmington River City Committee, and others support a State Senate bill to outlaw Combined Sewer Overflows in Delaware after Jan 1, 2008. We believe the City (and State regulators) will never end this problem unless given a deadline.

State legislation is being blocked by Senator Patty Blevins
(and other Senate Democrats)

Please call her:

(home) 302.994.4843
(office Wilmington) 302.577-8542
(office Dover) 302.739.4133
(work-Girls Inc.) 302.656.1697
email pblevins@legis.state.de.us

For more information contact:
  • Green Delaware: 302.834.3466, greendel@dca.net, www.greendel.org
  • Wilmington River-City Committee: 655-1181, wilmrvrcity@dca.net