March 14, 2001, Contact: Alan Muller, 302.834.3466

Green Delaware returns to Legislative Hall: 
Alan Muller will attempt to testify on 
Senate Joint Resolution 2 (Council on Cancer ...)

On January 16, 2001, Green Delaware lobbyist Alan Muller was arrested at the Inauguration of Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner and banned from Legislative Hall.  Muller was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct–in what many observers regarded as a blatantly trumped-up case. The State’s case collapsed during a jury trial on Feb. 27th and 28th before 
Judge Merill Trader in the Court of Common Pleas in Dover.  The two legislators (Rep.  Pam Maier and House Speaker Terry Spence) testifying against Muller were ambivalent and unconvincing, and the Capitol Police couldn’t produce either video or audio tapes, or any other evidence, to support the charges.  Judge Trader dismissed the case before it went to the jury.  Muller was represented by attorney David Finger (, cooperating with the American Civil Liberties Union.

During most of the 43 days Muller was banned from the seat of Delaware’s government, the General Assembly was in recess for hearings and meetings of the Joint Finance Committee.  These hearings provide an important opportunity for the public to address some of the most influential legislators.  During this period only Rep.  Richard Cathcart spoke up publicly against the repression of Muller (Cathcart also testified for Muller during the trial) ; most other legislators, and Gov. Minner, tacitly endorsed it by their silence.  Other lobbyists, most of whom represent industry, were silent.  The Green Party of Delaware, the College Greens, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Common Cause of Delaware expressed concern, as did many organizations and individuals from around the country, especially from New Jersey.  Most of Delaware’s mainstream pseudo-advocacy organizations (such as the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Urban League, and Delaware Nature Society) didn’t “get it.” Their attitude was probably well summarized by Sally Milbury-Steen of the Peace Action affiliate Pacem in 
Terris: “Alan, we do not support you ... the bill of rights is one thing ... soothing your ego is another.”

Muller announced: “This extraordinary harassment won’t stop us.  Green Delaware will continue with it’s efforts to secure legislation ending raw sewage dumping in Delaware.  We will be working for meaningful steps to reduce cancer-causing pollution of Delaware’s air and water.”

“This episode should be a ‘wake-up call’ to the Capitol Police, the General Assembly,  Governor Minner, and Delaware organizations.  Hopefully we have all have learned something about the meaning of democracy and freedom of speech.”

“The effect on Green Delaware’s relationship with the General Assembly remains to be seen.”

Today, Wednesday, March 14th, Muller, if allowed by Chair Pam Maier, will testify at a 2:45 meeting of the House Health and Human Development Committee on  SJR 2, ESTABLISHING THE DELAWARE ADVISORY COUNCIL ON CANCER INCIDENCE AND MORTALITY.  Muller said “previous cancer “task forces” have been ineffective because they have been dominated by the people causing the problem: the ‘cancer industry’ and the polluters.  SJR 2 needs some changes to ensure this will not again be the case.”


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