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3/1/2001 -- Trial judge dismisses all charges -- Muller not guilty!


>Common Cause of Delaware
>1304 N. Rodney St., 3rd Floor, Wilmington, Delaware 19806
>Phone:  (302) 521-0394      
>                         2/26/2001
>The Honorable Merrill C. Trader
>Kent County Court of Common Pleas
>38 The Green
>Dover, DE 19901-3620
>Dear Judge Trader:
>On behalf of the steering committee of Common Cause of Delaware, I am writing
>to express our concern about the conditions of bail you have imposed on the
>defendant in the matter of the State vs. Alan Muller.
>You have ruled that Mr. Muller, a registered lobbyist,  must sit in the
>balcony of the House of Representatives Chamber in Legislative Hall.  The
>House of Representatives has not posted its Rules to inform the public that a
>seat on the Chamber floors is a "privilege" accorded only by request of a
>We are aware that lobbyists are routinely permitted to sit in the vacant
>chairs that surround the legislators desks in the House Chamber. When the
>chairs are occupied only then does House Sergeant at Arms ask guests to go to
>The decision to relegate Mr. Muller to the upstairs balcony of the Chamber
>only serves to reinforce Mr. Muller's contention that more moneyed and p
>owerful lobbyists are accorded privileges not granted to the common citizen.
>You have imposed a double standard on the public and on Mr. Muller thereby
>destroying the notion that the public's house is for the public.
>We ask that you consider the message that your bail conditions send to the
>You appear to have limited Mr. Muller's access to the House of
>Representatives Chamber because the State disagrees with the notion that all
>citizens should be accorded equal access to the building where the public's
>business is conducted.
>John Flaherty
>John Flaherty
>Common Cause of Delaware
>cc:  Elected Officials, Press & Common Cause


Governor Ruth Ann Minner
State of Delaware

Dear Governor Minner:

Now that the restriction on your contact with Green Delaware Executive Director Alan Muller has been legally removed, I urge you to meet with Mr. Muller, apologize for the thuggish tactics of the capitol police in his January 16 arrest, and turn your new administration to a course that truly serves the public interest.

In my personal experience, Mr. Muller is nothing other than an eloquent, principled, and highly dedicated champion of the public interest.  Far from disrupting a legislative session or any other public meeting, Mr. Muller and the Green Delaware membership have always been committed to working within the system to clean up the foul waterways, air, and soil of our region, and the equally foul reek of corporate influence in politics.  In this respect, they are arch-conservatives.

It is time for you to admit that gross violations of civil rights were committed in this case and to rectify them honestly.  You would not be the first, as when the University of Delaware dropped charges against Green Delaware activists in a similar situation in 1999.

As an elected executive in a democracy, it is your duty to protect the rights of the minority in all matters civic and parliamentary.  I look forward to your positive contribution in this respect, and I remind you that the Green Party is here to point out any such negligence during your
re-election campaign.

Sincerely Yours,
Aaron M. Kromash, County Coordinator
Green Party of Burlington County, New Jersey


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