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Arraignment: Friday February 9th, 10 AM in Dover


This letter was published in Wilmington News Journal on January 30, 2001.


Letter to the Editor: 

         I was appalled to hear what happened to a vigilant environmentalist, Alan Muller.  Should people expect to be sent to jail for sitting in the wrong seat at Legislative Hall?  Isn't this a case of selective prosecution, which is illegal?
         We need people like Alan Muller to keep in check what goes on in the kingdom of Legislative Hall.  He is our watch dog for the environment and should not be shut out of Legislative Hall.  If not for people hike him, how are we to know if our representatives are doing a public service or making private gain?

Carole Coleman


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 19:50:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Tal Simchoni <>

Dear Governor Minner,

I was appalled to hear of the January 16th arrest of a peaceful citizen, Mr. Alan Muller, in Delaware's Legislative Hall.  This arrest undermines the democratic principles on which our nation was founded.

Government harassment of individuals and groups who exercise their constitutional right to freedom of speech will not be tolerated.

I respectfully ask that this situation be corrected immediately, an apology extended to Mr. Muller and his charges dropped.


Tal Simchoni
Encino, CA. 


To the editor [of the Wilmington, Delaware, News Journal]

The recent arrest of a peaceful citizen in Legislative Hall on the day of Minner's inauguration appalls me. As a result, Mr. Muller has been denied contact with Minner's staff and entrance to Legislative Hall.  On the other hand, wealthy corporate sponsors (polluters and developers) are treated royally.  Just who does our government work for?  This  threatens the very basis of democratic government. It reminds me of something which might happen in a third world dictatorship wanting to squash dissenting voices. 

If Minner truly plans on being "the most accessible governor yet," she should extend an apology to Mr. Muller,have his charges dropped, and restore public trust in our government.

Laura White,
Newark, Delaware


Dear Governor Minner and AG Brady,

I have worked professionally with Alan J. Muller, Executive Director of the environmental group, Green Delaware.  I can't think of a more honest and forthright citizen in the state of Delaware than Mr. Muller.

I was very distressed to learn that on January 16th, while observing your  House go into session, Mr. Muller was dragged from the floor by two members  of the Capital Police, handcuffed, chained to a bench in a cell, and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.  I understand that a condition of Mr. Muller's bail has been set which would effectively ban him from your  legislative hall.

This is the sort of thing that I'd expect to see from a "third world" dictatorship, but not in the "free" state of Delaware.

I know Mr. Muller has been a very effective and outspoken advocate for the people and environment of Delaware.  I hope that your difference of political beliefs would not be used to deny Mr. Muller his basic constitutional rights.

Mr. Muller is not a threat to the operation of Delaware's state government.  If anything, he's a threat to the interests who would ruin the quality of life for those in the state.  Without Mr. Muller's activities, Delaware's environment would be in much worse of a condition than it is.

I respectfully request that all charges related to this be dropped, the record expunged, and that a written apology be issued to Green Delaware and the General Assembly.  The General Assembly should be honored to have such a dedicated advocate for people and the environment sharing his knowledge within the halls of the legislature.  Any ban on Mr. Muller's presence in 
Legislative Hall should be lifted immediately.


Mike Ewall


Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:10:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Laura White <>
Subject: apology needed for arrested activist
To: Green Delaware <>
Cc: "Rep. Donna Stone" <>,

Dear Governor Minner,

I was appalled to learn that the Capitol police arrested a citizen on Tuesday in Legislative Hall and was sentenced so harshly (denied access to your staff and banned from Legislative Hall).  This man, Alan Muller, was arrested for no legitimate reason (sitting in public seats he had sat in many time before). It is my understanding that you intend to be one of the most "accessible" governors yet.  Arresting peaceful citizens in Legislative Hall an banning them from talking to you or your staff does not bode well for the future of your "accessible" administration.

Looking at the funders of the inaugural reception (Astrazeneca, Dupont, Connective and Penn
International- the people behind the controversial Odessa National development: all folks who have been criticized by Green Delaware), it appears that this is a political move to silence dissenting voices and squelch freedom of speech in the state. If the charges are not dropped and an apology not extended, there will be no reason to doubt this conclusion, and we can all expect that I or any other citizen can hope to be mistreated in the same manner.

Please remedy this situation now.  I call on you, as governor of the State of Delaware, to have the charges dropped immediately and an written apology extended to Muller. Your reputation as governor and the integrity of Delaware's democratic process depends on this.

Laura White
Newark, Delaware

cc:  Delaware Senators and Representatives
      Attorney General Jane Brady


To: <>, <>

Subject: Alan Muller

As a voting citizen of New Castle County, I would like to state my disgust for the way in which Alan Muller of Green Delaware was forcibly removed from legislative hall yesterday by Capital Police and arrested.   Mr. Muller is the last line of defense for Delawareans who are fed up with a corrupt state government that allows big money corporations to sacrifice the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink in the name of short term cash.  Mr. Muller represents what an active and concerned citizen should be and his forced removal from legislative hall yesterday
is an example of an authoritative state, which would rather lock out good citizens in the decision making process, and instead stomp in the face of democracy.  Alan Muller's efforts should be praised and legislators should take into account his extensive knowledge regarding the status of the Delaware ecosystem, instead of the opinions of corporations.

Nick Galasso
College Green Party
at the University of Delaware

cc:  Members of the Delaware General Assembly


[A typical response from the Governor of Delaware.  Minner says, in effect, that the police will decide who is allowed to participate in the political process.  Minner, however, controls the police through a Secretary of  Public Safety who reports to her.]

The incident occurred at Legislative Hall which is under the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police.  It is their job to decide what is and what is not appropriate behavior.  They felt Mr. Muller's behavior was unappropriate.  The incident also occurred during a state of heightened security during Inaugural Day events that involved a crowd of well over 1000 people.  It is now a matter for the courts to decide.

Ruth Ann Minner

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