Green Delaware Action Alert #84

Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner¹s Capital Police invade House of Representatives, arrest Green Delaware representative

Dover, Delaware, USA, January 17, 2001.   Here is the story, and the theme song of the incoming Minner Administration: 

January 17, 2001

Hon.  Terry R. Spence, Speaker of the House of Representatives 
Members of the Delaware General Assembly

Dear Speaker Spence:

Yesterday, January 16, at about 2:45, I was observing your House going into session. I was dragged from the floor by two members of the Capital Police force, handcuffed, chained to a bench in a cell, and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.  I was released on an unsecured bond on the "Condition of bail" that "DEFENDANT IS TO STAY OUT OF LEGISLATIVE HALL....."  Capital police sergeant Thomas D.  Kashner claimed that my presence in Leg Hall would be a threat to the ability of the General Assembly to operate, and Justice of the Peace Agnes Pennella accepted his argument. 

The Capital Police are under the control of the Secretary of Public Safety and thus part of the Executive Branch.  We suggest to you that these "storm trooper" methods are a fundamental challenge to the independence and integrity of the Legislative Branch of Delaware's government.  From our point of view they are a blatant attempt to prevent Green Delaware from participating in the democratic process. 

Green Delaware, along with the Southern New Castle County Alliance and others, was planning a press conference in the lobby today to call attention to the threat posed to Southern New Castle County by the Odessa National development, and to ask for action by the General Assembly on land use issues.  Odessa National is opposed by numerous parties but has "mysterious" political support.  The Delaware Department of Transportation, which originally identified numerous traffic problems that would be caused by Odessa National, changed its position and endorsed the project without credible explanations.  Here is one possibility:  Odessa National interests have apparently contributed at least $2650 to the Minner election campaign, and Penn International Land Company, the promoter, is listed as a Gold Sponsor ($10,000?) of the Inaugural.  Mr.  Bolis of Penn International was observed seated in the VIP section at the Inauguration.  He was not arrested. 

We hope and expect that you, and the other members of the General Assembly, will rise to the challenge posed by this unpleasant occasion.  You are aware that Green Delaware has not, and never would, disrupt the General Assembly.  We think that, at the very lease, all charges against us should be dropped, the record expunged, and a written apology should be forthcoming to both Green Delaware and to the General Assembly for this flagrant invasion of its dignity and it prerogatives. The ban on my presence in Legislative Hall should be lifted immediately.

Respectfully, [signed] 

Alan J.  Muller
Executive Director

Copy:   Rep.  Richard Cathcart
Atty.  General Jane Brady
Governor Ruth Ann Minner


This is not the first time that police have been used to harass Green Delaware.  Our past experiences tell us to stand firm and carry on.  We will be seeking help from the American Civil Liberties Union.  Stand by for more details. 

ACTION: This is a case where we really need as much response as possible.  If Nazi-like tactics are tolerated in the name of "security," nobody with any opinions about anything will be safe in Delaware:  Please contact: 

Governor Minner:, FAX 302.739.2775, phone 302.739.4101 

Attorney General Jane Brady, Attorney.General@State.DE.US, FAX 302.577.6630. phone 302.577.8400 

If you live in Delaware, call your Senator and Representative.  If you live anywhere, email them: 

Members of the General Assembly: 

Rep. Donna Stone
Rep. Cathy Cloutier
Rep. William Oberle
Rep. Gerald Buckworth
Rep. Bruce Ennis 
Rep. David Ennis 
Rep. Joe Miro 
Rep. John Van Sant 
Rep. David Brady 
Rep. Wayne Smith 
Rep. Dennis Williams 
Rep. John Viola 
Rep. Richard DiLiberto 
Rep. Pamela  Maier 
Rep. Vince Lofink 
Rep. Richard Cathcart 
Rep. Richard Cathcart 
Rep. Shirley Price 
Rep. Roger Roy 
Rep. Bruce Reynolds 
Rep. Robert Gilligan
Rep. Deborah Capano
Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich
Rep. Tina Fallon
Rep. John Schroeder
Rep. Tina Fallon
Rep. Helene Keeley
Rep. Nancy Wagner
Sen. Gary Simpson
Sen. David Sokola
Sen. Patricia Belvins
Sen. Harris McDowell
Sen. Liane Sorenson
Sen. Dave McBride
Sen. Colin Bonini
Sen. Steve Amick
Sen. James Vaughn
Sen. Thurman Adams
Sen. Thomas Sharp
Sen. Dallas Winslow
Sen. Gary Simpson
Sen. Robert Marshall
Sen. Nancy Cook
Sen. George Bunting

Send a letter to editor of the Wilmington News Journal,, and the Delaware State News, 

Make a call to these radio shows: 

John Watson Show, WILM (1450AM) 302.656.8134, 10-12AM
WDEL (1150AM), 302.478.8275 (and other numbers) 8-10, AM 

Ask for the dropping of all charges, end of the ban on Legislative Hall, and a formal written apology.  Ask for an investigation of Odessa National.

Thanks for all you do. 

Let us know what you think. 

Email us at

or contact
Alan J. Muller, Exec. Director
P.O. Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731
302-834-3466 Voice
302-836-3005 FAX

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