Alert #73

Help Pass HB 671 to Ban Raw Sewage Dumping

Object to media blackouts

Port Penn, DE June 27, 2000. Green Delaware's effectiveness depends on people acting on the information we send out. IF YOU ACT, here and now, on the information below, we have a good change of a big victory: stopping the dumping of raw sewage in Delaware.

House Bill 671 would prohibit raw sewage dumping in Delaware after Jan 1, 2008. This seems a long time off to most people, but some officials from the City of Wilmington, who dump sewage from 38 "combined sewer overflows," and the Del. Dept. of Natural Resources, who protect the dumping, argue it's not enough time. (Wilmington has asked for 19 years to clean up only 12 of the 38 Combined Sewer Overflows. Many responsible DNREC officials do want the sewage dumping cleaned up. Wilmington City Council President James Baker, candidate for mayor, told Green Delaware "I can support the passage of [SB 671].")

New Castle County is also involved, but County Executive Tom Gordon has not responded to calls from Green Delaware. The County want to spend tens of millions of dollars to install sewers in rural areas, to promote sprawl, but is silent about raw sewage dumping directly into Canby Park West, a county park.

ACTION: contact Gordon: phone 302.395.5102, FAX 302.395.5268, Ask him to support HB 671, and to contribute to the cleanup.

Many are rightly concerned about the possible costs of the cleanup. Both the City and the State have been running budget surpluses of tens of millions of dollars in recent years. Green Delaware believes that Delaware's Congressional delegation (Roth, Biden, Castle) should work with the City, the State, and New Castle County to assemble a funding package for this effort. The entire cost should not fall on the City of Wilmington.

We have little doubt that this bill will pass eventually. To most people, and most legislators, it's a "no brainer." The questions is whether it will pass before the end of the 140th Delaware General Assembly on June 30th. The Senate Democrats are still stonewalling on supporting HB 671.

Media coverage: We have received good exposure on WILM (John Watson Show) and WDEL (John Rago Show, and some coverage on WJBR. The Delaware State News has published an article from Green Delaware. Please thank them. We've experienced the usual blackouts from the Gannett "Stooge" Journal and WHYY (Channel 12 and 91FM "unpublic broadcasting")

Complain to William J. Marrazzo ( President and Chief Executive Officer of Channel 12, and Jean Buchanan, City State Editor of the News Journal (302.324.2882,

Please contact the members of the Delaware General Assembly at the emails

Please, if you are able, phone these key legislators:

Senator Home Wilm. Office Leg. Hall Work Email
Patricia Blevins 994-4843 577-8542 739-4133 656.1697
Harris McDowell 656-2921 577-8744 739-4147
Margaret Henry 425-4148 577-8518 739-6891
Robert Marshall 656-7261 577-8744 739-4168
David Sokola 239-2193 577-8542 739-4139 695-7366
Tom Sharp 994-0042 577-8744 739-4163
Anthony DeLuca 737-4929 577-8542 739-4165
David McBride 322-6100 577-8744 739-4167
Jim Vaughn 653-4703 378-7900 739-4117
Nancy Cook 653-8725 678-3734 739-4237
Thurman Adams 337-7274 739-4117
George Bunting 539-2229 739-4144 227-3891
Robert Venables 875-9559 739-4298

If you live in Delaware, contact "your" Senator and Representative.

Here are all the emails:

Rep. Donna Stone <>
Rep. Cathy Cloutier <>
Rep. William Oberle <>
Rep. Gerald Buckworth <>
Rep. Bruce Ennis <>
Rep. David Ennis <>
Rep. Joe Miro <>
Rep. Charles Welch <>
Rep. John Van Sant <>
Rep. David Brady <>
Rep. Wayne Smith <>
Rep. Dennis Williams <>
Rep. John Viola <>
Rep. Richard DiLiberto <>
Rep. Pamela Maier <>
Rep. Vince Lofink <>
Rep. Richard Cathcart <>
Rep. Richard Cathcart <>
Rep. Shirley Price <>
Rep. Roger Roy <>
Rep. Bruce Reynolds <>
Rep. Robert Gilligan <>
Rep. Deborah Capano <>
Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich <>
Rep. Tina Fallon <>
Rep. John Schroeder <>
Rep. Tina Fallon <>
Rep. Helene Keeley <>
Rep. Nancy Wagner <>
Sen. Gary Simpson <>
Sen. David Sokola <>
Sen. Patricia Belvins <>
Sen. Harris McDowell <>
Sen. Liane Sorenson <>
Sen. Dave McBride <>
Sen. Colin Bonini <>
Sen. Steve Amick <>
Sen. James Vaughn <>
Sen. Thurman Adams <>
Sen. Thomas Sharp <>
Sen. Dallas Winslow <>
Sen. Dallas Winslow <>
Sen. Gary Simpson <>
Sen. Robert Marshall <>
Sen. Myrna Bair <>
Sen. Nancy Cook <>
Sen. George Bunting <>
Sen. Margaret Rose Henry <>
Sen. Anthony DeLuca <>

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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