Alert #69

Oppose doubtful New Castle County "incinerator" ordinance: 
Your calls are needed!

Port Penn, DE, June 6, 2000. Senate Bill 280, effectively banning large incinerators in Delaware, was a big victory for the people. Gov. Tom Carper, who never met a pollution source he didn't like, has written to people all over Delaware indicating he still wants both garbage incineration and chicken poop incineration. To Hell with the people and their health.... Carper want's to roll back SB 280, and will probably try to sneak a bill through the General Assembly before it's end on or about June 30th. The end of session is a prime time for such shenanigans, as normal committee hearings and rules are often suspended, and the legislators meet late into the night. Carper, fronting for Allen's Family Foods, laid the groundwork by getting the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission to pass a resolution endorsing chicken poop incineration. 

As part of the Philpower fight, New Castle County was asked to pass an ordinance to keep out incinerators (Green Delaware submitted a draft, which apparently was ignored.) Ordinance 00-006, sponsored by County Council President Stephanie Hansen and Councilman Chris Roberts, would create a review process for all new "power generating facilities." This, on it's face, seems a good idea: power plants are one of our biggest pollution sources, and Conectiv, true to form, is now trying to built 3 more combustion turbine generators in New Castle County WITHOUT the pollution control equipment required by the Clean Air Act. But, the ordinance does not establish any criteria for approval or disapproval of "power plants," and the Council has a long history of approving unwise projects with political clout and big money behind them. Several different versions of the ordinance have circulated. The latest version was not available, but Hansen claimed to have made a deal to rely on DNREC for technical information. 

At a June 5th meeting of the 7 & 40 Alliance, a civic "umbrella" group, Hansen spoke of "leveling the playing field" between different types of power plants, including "waste to energy," and "keeping waste out of landfills." These are code words for promoting incineration. Roberts claimed that "Philpower is not an incinerator." The County Council plans to vote on 00-006 at it's June 13th meeting (7:00, Louis Redding Building in Wilmington) The bill will be considered by the Land Use Committee on June 6th (4:00, Redding Building, 8th floor). What is going on? We suspect that if this ordinance passed, offering little meaningful protection against incinerators, it would be used as an argument to pass a state bill rolling back SB 280. The Governor's agents would argue that adequate protection had been put in place at the county level. People throughout Delaware would again be threatened by incinerator pollution. 


Contact members of the New Castle County Council, and ask them NOT to pass Ordinance 00-006, or a Substitute, at this time. A county ban on new incinerators should be passed after due consideration, after the General Assembly has adjourned. The members of the NCC are: 

    Stephanie L. Hansen (President), (302) 571-7808, eapika@co.new-castle.de.us
    J. Robert Woods (Dist #1), (302) 571-7529
    Robert S. Weiner (Dist #2), (302) 571-7536, LHinkle@co.new-castle.de.us
    Richard L. Abbott, Esq.(Dist #3), (302) 571-7534, EAWebb@co.new-castle.de.us
    Penrose Hollins (Dist #4), (302) 571-7525, WGreene@co.new-castle.de.us, Penrose.Hollins@usa.dupont.com
    Karen Venezky (Dist #5), (302) 571-7537, SIWarhol@co.new-castle.de.us
    J. Christopher Roberts, office: (302) 571-7526, home: (302) 378-7644

Also contact: Tom Gordon, County Executive, phone 302.395.5102, FAX 302.395.5268, tgordon@co.new-castle.de.us 

Also contact Gov. Carper, saying you do not want ANY legislation allowing any more incinerators in Delaware, or weakening SB 280: 

    Home (listed number) 302.764.7478
    Dover office 302.739.4101
    Wilmington office: 302. 577.3210
    Email: ssnyder@state.de.us, pcherry@state.de.us,
    Mail: 820 French Street, Wilmington, DE, 19801


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