Alert #64

Sen. Dave McBride, Gov. Carper "double-cross" incinerator ban:  
Seek to allow chicken poop burners

McBride expels Green Delaware from "stealth" hearing 
Carper vetoes SB 280?

Port Penn, DE. April 19, 2000. Wed. evening Sen. Dave McBride held a meeting of his much criticized "Legislator Citizen Committee on Environmental Control." He used it to hold a stealth "hearing" on a bill, supposedly from Gov. Carper, to exempt chicken poop burners from the "three mile ban" on incinerators in Senate Bill 280. McBride and other of the committee questioned Natural Resources Sec. Nick DiPasquale, at length, although DiPasquale claimed "I only know what I've read in the newspapers." (DiPasqualeâs testimony was often incorrect. For example, he said a chicken waste burner is operating in Hurlock, MD. In fact, a burner is proposed for Hurlock, but has not been designed yet, let alone built.) DiPasquale, of course, painted the poop burner exemption as a good idea. No testimony was allowed from those actually familiar with the current poop burner proposals. McBride said the bill–-which had no number and no listed sponsors–-would be considered by the Senate tomorrow (April 20th), the last legislative day before a two week recess. Such sudden consideration of a bill would be under "suspension of the rules." 

McBride then expelled the Green Delaware representative (this writer) from the meeting, saying –-correctly--"everybody else in the room is willing to play by my rules." McBride seemed to be offended by a sign saying "McBride double crosses incinerator opponents." None of the approximately 30 people in the room-–including representatives of the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, "Unnatural" Society, and Independent Party--objected to the "sneak" attempt to gut SB 280–-or to the ejection of Green Delaware. (The News Journal did its usual blackout.) 

An unconfirmed report from Rep Arthur Scott --no friend of Green Delaware--claims Governor Carper vetoed SB 280 Wed. afternoon. 

COMMENT: Incinerator promoters don't like to lose. When this writer arrived in Legislative Hall few legislators would meet his eye, usually a good indication of something nasty in the works. We don't know the details yet, but what seems possible is a deal whereby Carper will sign SB 280, and also a "companion" bill to weaken it. This is presumably at the behest of the "Delmarva Poultry Industry" lobby group and Allen's Family Foods, which says it wants to build chicken poop burners at its three plants. The only remedy at this point is IMMEDIATE, STRONG PROTEST. 

TO DO--REACT NOW TO PRESERVE ALL OUR WORK: ("No last minute double cross; No chicken poop incineration; We will hold you responsible") 

Call Carper: Home (listed number) 302.764.7478, Dover office 302.739.4101, Wilmington office 302. 577.3210, email ssnyder@state.de.us, pcherry@state.de.us 

Call McBride: Home 302.322-6100, Office 302.739.4167 (Dover) 302.577.8744 (Wilmington) 

Call Allenâs Family Foods: 302.629.9136, and tell them that YOUR FAMILY will avoid buying Allenâs chicken if chicken poop incinerators are allowed. 

Call into the John Rago Show (WDEL 1150) 10 to 12, 478-8275, and John Watson (WILM 1450), 656-8134 

Contact your Senator and Representative ASAP.

Come to Dover at 1:00 this afternoon to support the incineration ban. 

Emails of Senators: Sen. Gary Simpson , Sen. David Sokola , Sen. Patricia Belvins, Sen. Harris McDowell , Sen. Liane Sorenson , Sen. Dave McBride, Sen. Colin Bonini , Sen. Steve Amick , Sen. James Vaughn, Sen. Thurman Adams , Sen. Thomas Sharp , Sen. Dallas Winslow, Sen. Dallas Winslow , Sen. Gary Simpson , Sen. Robert Marshall, Sen. Myrna Bair , Sen. Nancy Cook , Sen. George Bunting, Sen. Margaret Rose Henry , Sen. Anthony DeLuca 

Emails of representatives: Rep. Donna Stone , Rep. Cathy Cloutier , Rep. William Oberle, Rep. Gerald Buckworth , Rep. Bruce Ennis , Rep. David Ennis, Rep. Joe Miro , Rep. Charles Welch , Rep. John Van Sant, Rep. David Brady , Rep. Wayne Smith , Rep. Dennis Williams, Rep. John Viola , Rep. Richard DiLiberto , Rep. Pamela Maier, Rep. Vince Lofink , Rep. Richard Cathcart , Rep. Richard Cathcart, Rep. Shirley Price , Rep. Roger Roy , Rep. Bruce Reynolds , Rep. Robert Gilligan , Rep. Tim Boulden , Rep. Deborah Capano , Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich , Rep. Tina Fallon , Rep. John Schroeder , Rep. Tina Fallon, Rep. Helene Keeley , Rep. Nancy Wagner 

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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