Alert #60

A home run!! 
Delaware incinerator "ban" bill passes

Port Penn, DE. April 7, 2000. Green Delawareâs first Alert on Philpower was Alert 29, dated Sept. 10, 1998. Here we are at Alert 60, and a good proportion of the last 30 have been about incinerators. 

Yesterday Senate bill 280 passed the Del. House of Representatives 37-2. (It had already passed the Senate 17-3). Beset with 12 House amendments, in the end the bill had all of Green Delawareâs key objectives: (1) no new incinerators permitted within three miles of a residential property, church, school, or hospital (2) no "sunset" provision, (3) includes all of Delaware, and (4) applies to any large burner including chicken waste burners. Some troublesome language could have been slipped in, and the bill has to go back to the Senate (because of some changes), and be signed by Governor Carper. But, the fight should be essentially over. Spokesperson Anthony Farina told Green Delaware that Governor Carper will sign the bill. (We have invited Carper to sign the bill at a ceremony at the Rose Hill Community Center.) 

Hundreds of citizens and dozens of organizations came together to say "no more incinerators in Delaware." A few of the many deserving special mention: 7 & 40 Alliance (former President Marty Denison, a leading burner opponent, is running for President of New Castle County Council), Wilmington River-City Committee, Rose Hill Community Center, City of New Castle, Town of Smyrna, Pennsylvania Environmental Network, New Jersey Environmental Federation, the Environmental Endowment for New Jersey (for financial support to Green Delaware), Cathy Booth and Tom Gifford of Holloway Terrace, Joe and Barbara Tomeo of Waterford, Bear-Glasgow Council, Southern New Castle County Alliance, and the Coalition for Peace and Justice. WDEL News Radio covered the campaign, and it was fairly discussed on the John Rago Show. Ken Grant, Viewpoints Page editor of the Delaware State News, published several opinion pieces from Green Delaware. (No doubt Rago and Grant would have allowed Philpower to present its side, had Philpower chosen to do so.) John Flaherty, lobbyist for the Greenwatch Institute, helped move SB 280 through the General Assembly and helped Green Delaware many times. 

Some key legislators were Senators Dave McBride and Dorrie Connor, and Reps. Vince Lofink, John Viola and Richard Cathcart. Connor invested here own time and money in distributing information about Philpower to her constituents. (We suggest Del. residents thank their legislators.) 

Special dishonorable mention to the Union of Concerned Scientists, National Resources Defense Council, and Environmental Defense, (all of whom sent letters to the Governor and/or General Assembly trying to help Philpower) and WHYY Channel 12 ("stooge public broadcasting") for its near-total lack of coverage and continuing blackout of Green Delaware. 

Philpower President Wayne Coverdale blamed his failure on "lies" and "inaccurate information" from Green Delaware. 

Green Delaware is a community based organization working on environment and public health issues. 

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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