Alert #54

Incinerator Legislation Update and Action Alert-Call Gov. Carper

Senate Bill 280 was considered by the Delaware Senate on Wed, March 15, and then tabled for further consideration by the Senate on March 16, probably beginning around 2:00.

    8 amendments to the bill were presented, many by Sen. Dave McBride. McBride didn't give us the text of his amendments, so even while they were debated on the Senate floor it was hard to know what was happening. This created the situation of people being asked to support a bill without knowing what it said.

    The General Assembly is hearing the people. Amendment 2, extending the "setback" to three miles, passed 17-3 after debate. Sen. McBride pushed hard on this point, surely due to the many calls and emails he's received.

    The definition of incinerator was changed to one that may or may not be satisfactory.

Senator George Bunting introduced Amendment 6, stating "'Incinerator' shall not include the following activities: 1) burning of poultry manure; 2) burning of poultry waste; 3)crematoriums; and 4) disposal of the bodies of animals through incineration" To their great credit, several senators objected to this amendment. Senator Bunting has told us he intends to withdraw his amendment. Thanks Senator Bunting!

Sen. Harris McDowell, on his 60th birthday (cake was served) tried to gut the bill with an amendment on behalf of Philpower. He can be reached at: 656-2921 (home), 739-4147 (office), <hmcdowell@legis.state.de.us

CHICKEN BURNING. Green Delaware has been looking into incineration of "poultry wastes," which basically means dead birds and poop. Poultry growers have to deal with a constant stream of dead birds. In Delaware these are generally composted, as they should be, using composters designed in Delaware TO REPLACE incinerators, rotting in open piles, and other unpleasant methods Now, some incinerator vendors are trying to get their foot in the door again. Lets stop them now and stay with composting. Chicken poop incineration on a large industrial scale is being promoted by the British firm Fibrowatt. Their proposals are on roughly the same scale as Philpower, and threaten Southern Delaware as Philpower threatens Northern Delaware. For example, the Fibrowatt Thetford, England poop burner is apparently allowed to emit 8,226,240 pounds per year of the same types of air pollutants Philpower would pump out.

Governor Tom Carper, an incurable incinerator supporter, has written that he opposes the Bear site for Philpower but thinks there is a need for such facilities (in other neighborhoods?). Now, his people are promoting the idea of a "sunset" provision in the bill. This probably means that the bill would expire after a certain number of years and Delawareans would again be fair game for incinerators. ACTION: Contact Gov. Carper 764-7478 (home), 577-3215, (office) <pcherry@state.de.us>, <tcarper@state.de.us> Tell him the people deserve PERMANENT protection against incinerators.


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