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Muller speaking at Green Party meeting on Jan 10th

Green Party voter registration drive

Port Penn, DE. January 7, 2000. The Green Party of Delaware invited us to speak at a meeting on Monday, Jan 10, 00 (Unitarian Fellowship, Willa Road, Newark, DE 7:30) This seems a good time to comment on the "Greens." First, note that the Green Party of Delaware is NOT another name for Green Delaware. We are separate organizations. The Green Party is a political party, we aren't.

From "Arden Leaves--The Voice of the Village," issue of Feb, 1923:

Did it ever occur to you what keeps the Republican Party in control of the government, with its worn-out program of private graft. PEOPLE VOTE FOR IT.

Did if ever occur to you why the Democratic Party goes in when the Republican Party goes out? BECAUSE PEOPLE VOTE FOR IT.

Did it ever occur to you that you have a vote that you can use for the good of the country? LOOK FORWARD and BOOST for a NEW ORDER OF THINGS.

The international "Green" movement is about protecting natural resources, social and economic justice, health, and "sustainability." See www.green.org, and www.greenparties.org for Green principles. Greens have made steady progress over the last two decades, gaining real political clout in many parts of the world. For example, Greens are part of the ruling coalition government in Germany. So far, this has not been true in the US, where the winner-takes-all voting system makes it hard for "3rd parties" to grow, and where big-money control of the media makes it hard for independent voices to be heard. (The Gannett-owned News ("Stooge") Journal is a world-class example of lack of integrity in journalism.)

The Green Party of Delaware is coming alive under the leadership of Winston Grizzard. Delaware Greens supported the fight against the Philpower incinerator, as have greens in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Del. Green Party is not presently "on the ballot" but has an active registration drive; and needs only a few dozen more Delaware residents to switch to Green, or to register Green if not now registered. If they succeed, Ralph Nader may be on the ballot in Delaware as a presidential candidate in the next election. Jake Kreshtool, Green Delaware Steering Committee Member, former Democratic Party candidate for Governor, and distinguished environmentalist, recently changed his registration to Green, saying "there is no longer any difference between the Democrats and the Republicans."

A political nightmare is unfolding in Delaware, with the most prominent candidates to replace Gov. Carper, Ruth Ann Minner and John Burris, likely to be even more hostile to the environment than Carper. The county governments are moving closer to the developers and further from the people as election season approaches. The Green Party faces many obstacles and many opportunities to get sidetracked., but few places have more need for political alternatives. Contact: gpde@greens.org, 302.892.2542, www.green.org, or www.greenparties.org

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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