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Phighting Philpower 
Update on the Campaign to Stop the Incinerator-Senate Bill 225
Your help is needed!

Port Penn, DE, June 29, 1999. Delawareans, supported by people and organizations throughout the region, are fighting to keep out a waste wood burning incinerator that could add thousands of pounds per day of air pollutants to already threatened neighborhoods. (Incinerators are banned in this part of Delaware, but the administration of Gov. Thomas Carper is ignoring the law.) The small amount of incinerator-produced electricity would be purchased by Connectiv, a high-pollution utility that would probably market this "incinerator pollution power" as "green."

A June 23rd public hearing was a triumph for Philpower opponents. Over 100 people attended, including reps of numerous civic organizations, the City of New Castle, and environmental advocates from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. The mood of was captured by local resident Ivy Cochran, who said that in a past controversy residents had blocked roads with baby coaches, and would do so again to keep out Philpower. Philpower President Wayne Coverdale apologized to Green Delaware Ex. Dir. Alan Muller for threats to sue. Even N. C. Vasuki of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, Delaware's best known incinerator supporter, said in a phone interview that "It is not an allowed project in the Coastal Zone and should not be considered." The Wilmington News Journal opposed Philpower in an editorial. Supporters of Philpower include recently appointed Natural Resources Secretary Nick DiPasquale, who did not return several phone calls, and his Coastal Zone Act Administrator Dennis Brown. Another supporter is State Senator Harris McDowell, who sells "combustion systems." McDowell says people living near incinerators receive a benefit: "They save on housing costs because of reduced property values."

Senate Bill 225, authored by State Senator Dave McBride, would make clear that any waste burner is an incinerator. With enough public support, this bill could pass before the Delaware General Assembly adjourns on June 30th.

Actions Needed:

Call Howard Cosgrove, CEO of Connectiv (Office 302.429.3204, Home 302.427.8619)

Tell him not to buy Philpower's brown electricity.

Call Wayne Coverdale, President of Philpower (Office 910.392.7690, Home 910.792.5619)

Ask him to withdraw Philpower's permit applications and "stay out of Delaware."

Call Governor Thomas Carper (Office 302.577.3210, Home 302.764.7478) (ssnyder@state.de.us)

Ask him to enforce existing laws against incinerators, and to support and sign SB225.

If you live in Delaware, call you state senator and representative. Ask them to support Senate Bill 225.

Come to Legislative Hall, Dover, DE, on June 29th and 30th to help pass Senate Bill 225.

For more information call Green Delaware (302.834.3466, greendel@dca.net, http://members.dca.net/greendel/) or the Civic Health Alliance, 302.656.8513

(Green Delaware will pay for long distance calls about Philpower)

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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