Alert #23

Another Dog and Pony Show
(and you're not invited!)

Delaware Solid Waste Authority organizes
'waste forum' on April 30th to promote incinerator.
Threatened communities excluded. Protests planned

Port Penn, DE, April 27, 1998. Selected people in Delaware received an invitation to Clayton Hall on the University of Delaware campus in Newark DE on April 30th. The invitation reads "The University of Delaware invites you...." Nothing reveals that the "forum" is paid for by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) and was primarily organized by it's public relations firm, Shipley Associates. (The Authority has recently been defeated in attempts to build a garbage incinerator and is renewing it's attempts to promote incineration. Recently, to the outrage of some legislators, the DSWA hired a powerful lobbyist.)

None of the discussion panel members represent any of the communities where incinerators or landfills are or might be located. Green Delaware contacted the three parties connected with organizing the "forum:"the DSWA, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), and the University of Delaware Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We pointed out that communities near waste facilities have the biggest stake of all in waste management decisions and suggested some community representatives. The DSWA, DNREC, and the University all rejected these suggestions, claiming the purposes of the "forum" do not require community participation. N. C. Vasuki of the DSWA said "I'm not giving those people a forum." Professor C.P. Huang of the University, an incinerator supporter, said community participation was not needed as the purposes of the forum are "technical." Actually, all the members of the Delaware General Assembly are said to have been invited. Nick DiPascuale of DNREC reacted with hostility, saying that as the forum was not about siting specific facilities, community participation was not needed. A representative of Shipley Associates said that wide participation was being sought, "many people connected with the Chamber of Commerce have been invited." A spot check at a community meeting near a proposed incinerator site confirmed Vasuki's comment. Of all the people in the room only this writer had been invited to attend, and none had been invited to participate.

Representatives of organizations from several states will protest at Clayton Hall on April 30th.

Quote from Alan Muller, coordinator of Green Delaware:

"It's disgraceful that the University of Delaware and our tax paid environmental agency would join with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority to exclude people threatened by waste facilities. People are recognizing this event for the insulting "dog and pony show" that it is. The DSWA's arrogance and disregard for health is resented throughout the Delaware Valley. The public isn't going to let the DSWA build another garbage incinerator."

Look for more details in upcoming Green Delaware News. (C) Alan Muller


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