ALERT #101,  June 19, 2001. Good anti-smoking bill needs help; Bad power plant resolution; Should the Delaware Electric Coop be regulated at all?; New Green Delaware web site

ALERT #100,  June 16, 2001. US Army Corp of Engineers cooks the books?
(release from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER))

ALERT #99,  June 13, 2001. Mayor "Bad Faith" Baker and Wilmington's Sewer Crisis

ALERT #98,  May 29, 2001. “WHYY pay more”-- Round 2. 

ALERT #97,  May 8, 2001.  Help ban raw sewage dumping in Delaware!  Hearing on House Bill 195 Wed.  May 9th, 4:00 PM at Legislative Hall, Dover (House Chamber)

ALERT #96,  April 27, 2001. Update on the "NO FLUSH" campaign to end raw sewage dumping in Delaware rivers.  Please join us in Rodney Square, Wilmington, at 11 AM on Friday!  Time for people to work together to clean up the sewers

ALERT #95,  April 23, 2001.  Letter to Mayor James Baker 

ALERT #94,  April 24, 2001. WHYY (Channel 12): Unpublic broadcasting? Public Hearing April 26th:  Should Delaware taxpayers give Channel 12 $618,000

ALERT #93,  April 24, 2001. Update on "NO FLUSH" sewer cleanup campaign:  Green Delaware agains seeks cooperation from City of Wilmington and State of Delaware. Wilmington invited to join with Green Delaware to mark its sewer overflows.

ALERT #92,  April 20, 2001.   EARTH DAY SPECIAL:  Criminal Mischief in Delaware.  Muller is arrested in Wilmington. 

ALERT #91,  April 13, 2001.  Key sewer cleanup bill introduced -- needs public support. 

ALERT #90,  March 28, 2001.  Senate Bill 33: The continuing incinerator threat and the Bogus Community Committee

ALERT #89,  February 28, 2001.  Update: “State of Delaware vs. Alan J. Muller.“

ALERT #88,  February 10, 2001.  Activist priest arrested at poultry plant.

ALERT #87,  February 8, 2001.  American Civil Liberties Union represents arrested Delaware environmental leader

ALERT #86,  January 24,  2001.  Salem -- The atomic vacuum cleaner II: Cooling water intakes devastate the Delaware.

ALERT #85,  January 21, 2001. Salem -- The atomic vacuum cleaner I: Cooling water intakes devastate the Delaware

ALERT #84,  January 17, 2001. Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner's Capitol Police invade House of Representatives, arrest Green Delaware representative. 

ALERT #83,  January 11, 2001. Freedom of Information Act victory.

ALERT #82, December 29, 2000. Developing Delaware to death -- the continuing saga: Odessa National sprawl project tabled but not dead. 

ALERT #81, December 18, 2000.  Big "Odessa National" sprawl project being shoved into rural Delaware: Developer, New Castle County officials, claim rural areas have no "community character" to be protected

ALERT #80, November 30, 2000. US Department of Agriculture Finances Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE: Destroying rural life in Delaware?

ALERT #79, November 27, 2000. Round 2: Attack on Delaware Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

ALERT #78, October 25, 2000. Administration of Delaware Gov. Carper attacks Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

ALERT #77, August 22, 2000. Delaware Senate Special Session August 22--support two bills

ALERT #76, August 22, 2000. Event Wednesday, August 23rd. Ask AMTRAK to stop polluting Wilmington’s rivers 

ALERT #75, July 24, 2000. Ralph Nader speaks in Wilmington Saturday, July 29th

ALERT #74, June 29, 2000. Vote today on Cleanup of Wilmington Delaware raw sewage dumping.

ALERT #73, June 27, 2000. Support legislation. Stop media blackout.

ALERT #72, June 20, 2000. Support legislation against raw sewage dumping.

ALERT #71, June 13, 2000. Oppose ordinance / Tom Gordon accepts incinerator money

ALERT #70, June 7, 2000. Support bill to stop raw sewage dumping

ALERT #69, June 5, 2000. Oppose doubtful New Castle County "incinerator" ordinance

ALERT #68, May 25, 2000. Legislation making it easier to demolish historic buildings.

ALERT #67, May 9, 2000. Attempt to rollback incinerator legislation.

ALERT #66, May 5, 2000. Proposal to reduce cancer in Delaware

ALERT #65, April 22, 2000. Earth Day in Delaware: Green vs. Brown. Call Carper. 

ALERT #64, April  20, 2000.  Sen. Dave McBride, Gov. Carper "double-cross" incinerator ban: Seek to allow chicken poop burners. 

ALERT #63, April 18, 2000.  Delaware Gov. Carper threatening veto of incinerator bill: Calls to Governor needed. 

ALERT #62, April 12, 2000.  Incinerator bill through General Assemblyö-Gov. Carper must sign!  Call Gov. Carper. 

ALERT #61, April 11, 2000.  Last minute attack on incinerator bill by "Allen Family Foods" 

ALERT #60, April 7, 2000.  "A home run"!! Delaware incinerator "ban" bill passes!!

ALERT #59, April 5, 2000.  Vote tomorrow on incinerator bill: Gov. Carper seeking to "sunset" bill

ALERT #58, April 3, 2000.  Sneaking a burner into Smyrna... "Central Delaware Economic Development Council" promotes incinerator: Town and County 
officials kept in the dark.  Amendment HA1 seeks to weaken incinerator bill

ALERT #57, March 28, 2000.  Union of Concerned Scientists opposes Delaware incinerator ban

ALERT #56, March 24, 2000.  "Committee on Environmental Control" Established:     Sen. Dave McBride excludes community based activists, incinerator opponents, his own constituents, and Green Delaware.. 

ALERT #55, March 22, 2000.  Incinerator legislation update and Action Alertö-Call Gov. Carper: "Hang in there," big victory over incineration looms....... 

ALERT #54, March 16, 2000.  Incinerator legislation update and Action Alertö-Call Gov. Carper. 

ALERT #53, March 15, 2000.  Delaware's worst polluter at it again: Public hearing March 15, 2000 on increased pollution by Motiva.

ALERT #52, March 14, 2000.  A "One Time Opportunity" to ban new incinerators in Delaware:  Calls, letters, and emails needed. 

ALERT #51, February 23, 2000.   Is "incinerator pollution power" "green"?  Action Alert and sign on letter.  ACTION NEEDED TO PREVENT PHILPOWER, FIBROWATT, AND OTHER INCINERATORS FROM BEING ADVERTISED AS A SOURCE OF "GREEN" ENERGY.

ALERT #48, January 19, 2000.   Philpower incinerator threatens health of Bear communities. Come to a meeting on Wednesday February 2nd. 

ALERT #47, January 13, 2000.   American Cancer Society lobbyist promotes Philpower Incinerator. 

ALERT #45, January 7, 2000.   Green Party of Delaware:  Muller speaking at Green Party meeting on Jan 10th. 

ALERT #44, December 13, 1999.   Protect historic buildings in New Castle County, Delaware.  OPPOSE PROPOSED ORDINANCE ALLOWING QUICK AND EASY DEMOLITION OF HISTORIC BUILDINGS

ALERT #43, December 1, 1999.   Stop proposed 50% increase in City of Wilmington sewage pollution.  CALLS AND EMAILS NEEDED

ALERT #42, November 27, 1999.   Oppose proposed increases in Wilmington sewage discharges. HEARING IN WILMINGTON WED DEC 1 AT SEVEN.  CALLS AND EMAILS NEEDED.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

ALERT #41, October 18, 1999.   Carper/Philpower Incinerator still a threat -- Permit denial appealed -- Hearing Thursday October 21st  2:00 PM.  MAKE CALLS - SEND EMAILS - ATTEND THE HEARING.

ALERT #40, August 25, 1999. Delaware denies Coastal Zone permit for Philpower Incinerator. 

ALERT #39, August 23, 1999.  Phighting the Carper/Philpower Incinerator -- State to Act.   CALLS, EMAILS, AND DEMONSTRATORS NEEDED

ALERT #38b, August 16, 1999.   State of Delaware seeks to exclude community input on Philpower Incinerator permit.  CALLS AND EMAILS NEEDED TO KEEP RECORD OPEN

ALERT #38a, June 29, 1999.   Phighting Philpower: Update on the Campaign to Stop the incinerator.


ALERT #36,  June 17, 1999.   Keep the Philpower Incinerator away from New Castle

ALERT #35,  June 16, 1999.  Keep the Philpower Incinerator out of Holloway Terrace

ALERT #34, June 16, 1999.   Delaware officials ignore law, move to allow incinerator in Coastal Zone: Actions needed immediately to protect communities. See Key Upcoming Events

ALERT #33, May 17, 1999.    Officials to celebrate weakening of Delaware Coastal Zone Act. Green Delaware objects -- Demonstration planned.

ALERT #32, November 17, 1998.   Delaware Coastal Zone Act faces greatest threat in 26 years. 

ALERT #31, November 1, 1998.   University of Delaware arrests Green Delaware activist: Lawful free speech deemed "criminal trespass."

ALERT #30, September 25, 1998.   Senators Roth and Biden promote chicken poop incineration, ignore pollution threat.

ALERT #29, September 1998.    Another waste burner proposed for Pigeon Point.

ALERT #28, June 1998.   Help bury the incinerator

ALERT #27, June 1998Delaware Senate votes for incineration, 11 to 10 -- Tables SB 98: Senators Bair, Venables, McDowell lead pro-incineration forces. Senators McBride, Connor lead anti-incineration debate.

ALERT #26, May 13, 1998.  Mainstream organizations join anti-incinerator campaign.   Gov. Carper evades public response, signals support for incineration.  News Journal blackout of anti-incinerator campaign continues.

ALERT #25, May 7, 1998.  Delaware Senate to vote on incineration May 13th. Please contact Delaware Senators and urge them to support Senate Bill 98 without Amendment #1.

ALERT #24, April 28, 1998.  (a) Downstate Legislators Venables, Bunting, Carey, and Quillen promote new Castle garbage incinerator. (b) Whose side is Senator McBride on?

ALERT #23, April 23, 1998.  (a) Another Dog and Pony Show (and you're not invited!) (b) Delaware Solid Waste Authority organizes 'waste forum' on April 30th to promote incinerator. Threatened communities excluded. Protests planned.


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