Indexes of Soldiers of the British and Indian Armies 1840 to 1920

by Fred Larimore.
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Roll of LSGC's & MSM's

Roll of Long Service Good Conduct Medals and Meritorious Service Medals in the Larimore Collection:
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Alexanders :Colour Sergeant Alexander Alexanders, 2nd Battalion, Scots Fusilier Gds. and Scots Guards.

Barnes, A.A.S. :Major Arthur Alison Stuart Barnes, Wiltshire Regiment.

Barnes, E.A. :Private Edward Alexander Barnes, London Scottish Volunteers.

Barnes, E.R.B. :Major Edward Robert Bigsby Barnes, 37th (The North Hampshire) Regiment of Foot.

Barnes, J.W. :Major General James Whittaker Barnes, 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment and the 2nd Battalion          of the Black Watch.

Beaumont :Colonel Frederic Edward Blackett Beaumont, Royal Engineers.

Blackwood :Lieutenant George Frederick Blackwood, Royal Horse Artillery.

Browne :General Sir James Frankfort Manners Browne, K.C.B. Royal Engineers.

Calvert :Sergeant Instructor of Musketry William Calvert, 59th Foot.

Carnegy :Major General Alexander Carnegy, C.B., Bengal Army.

Clarke :Captain Joseph Cudbert Longueville Clarke (1827-1857), Bengal Army

Cole :Sergeant Major Samuel Cole, Royal Sappers & Miners later Captain Quarter Master, c. 1872 Royal Engineers.

Connell :Gunner Thomas Connell, The Bengal Artillery, No. 2 Company, 4th Battalion and The Royal                Regiment of Artillery.

Coupland :Quartermaster Sergeant William Coupland, 42nd Highlanders, the Black Watch and the 3rd                Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Drinkwater :Drm. Sgt. William Drinkwater, 92th Gordon Highlanders.

Dutton :Regimental Sergeant Major George Dutton, Army Hospital Corps, Medical Staff Corps, and Royal Army Medical Corps.

Fraser :Lieutenant General Sir Charles Craufurd Fraser, VC, KCB, 7th Hussars, 1847-1859, 11th Hussars,        1859-1870, Commanding Officer, 11th Hussars, 1861-1870, Colonel of the 8th Hussars, 1886-1895.

Ferrier :Captain Louis John George Ferrier of Belsyde, Royal Engineers.

Hoggan :Major General John William Hoggan, C.B., 17th Punjab Infantry, Colonel of the 25th (Punjab)              Bengal Native Infantry, and Bengal Staff Corps, (Captain, 25 th (Punjab) Bengal Native Infantry in                    photograph).

Hooley :Medals of Sergent Major Francis Hooley & Corporal E.J. Hooley, Royal Engineers.

Hunt/ Rodgers :James Hunt, alias, Corporal Benjamin J. Rodgers, Gordon Highlanders.

Lyon :Captain Francis Lyon, Royal Horse Artillery.

MacLeod :Major General William Edmondstone MacLeod, Bombay Army and his Son Major General Charles Donald MacLeod, 31st  Bombay Native Infantry and Bombay Staff Corps.

  • 1st Photograph : Major General William Edmondstone MacLeod, Bombay Staff (probably as a Colonel)(c. 1868).
  • 2nd Photograph : Captain Charles Donald MacLeod, 31st Bombay Native Infantry.
  • McSwain :Acting Sergeant Major Alexander Henderson McSwain, Royal Highlanders.

    Marriott :Major Henry Christopher Marriott, Royal Regiment, Royal Newfoundland Companies, 82nd Foot, 13th Foot, and 60th Foot.

    Masterson :Quarter Master Sergeant John Masterson, Royal Scots Greys. Troop Sergeant Major in Photograph.

    Marsh :Colonel Willoughby Digby Marsh, Royal Engineers.

    Moynihan :Sergeant Major Jeremiah Moynihan, 33rd (or The Duke of Welligton's) Regiment of Foot.

    O'Brien :Master Gunner, later Major & Quarter Master, John O'Brien, Royal Artillery.

    Phillipps :Colonel Henry Phillipps, 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry,Poona Horse and Bombay Staff                              Corps,(Lieutenant Colonel in Photo).

    Ranken :Major General Robert Ranken, 35th Madras Native Infantry,(Major in photograph).

    Rodgers/ Hunt :James Hunt, alias, Corporal Benjamin J. Rodgers, Gordon Highlanders.

    Singh, B. :Naik Butta Singh, Indian Order of Merit, 4 th Bombay Rifles.

    Singh, K. :Havlidar Kushal Singh, 3rd Sikh Infantry.

    Stewart, G. :Major General George Stewart, C.B., Colonel of the Queen's Own Corp of Guides Cavalry. (Lieutenant Colonel in Photograph)

    Tynte, J. K. : Ensign John Brabzon Kemeys Tynte, 5th Fusiliers.

    Younger :Lieutenant John Younger, Royal Horse Artillery.

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