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The purpose of this site is to explore the 19th Century British and Indian Armies and their soldiers. The site will present various 19 th Century photographs, campagn medals, and the biographical studies of the soldiers represented by these items. A research service is offered for those of you who maybe interested. If you are interested in having some research done please see: RESEARCH SERVICE. The crowns and pips used as bullets and title markers are Victorian era officers embroidered uniform collar rank insignia. If there is a term or an abbreviation that you do not understand please consult the GLOSSARY from the bottom of any page.
"Idealistic young soldiers think of heroic glory. Old soldiers know of the bravery, compassion, and fortitude of soldiers. They also know of the fear, brutality, and cowardliness of soldiers. Most of all what old soldiers of any era know, that the young do not, is that there is no glory in war." Fred Larimore, July 1998.

General Indexes to this Website:

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for rolls and a web site surname index of soldiers of the British and Indian Armies, 1840-1920.

Photographs represent a visual reflection of participants in British and Indian military history of the 19th Century:

Photographs of Soldiers of the British Army 1840 to 1920.

Photographs of Soldiers of the Indian Army 1840 to 1920.

These two sections will present photographs of various types showing early cased photographs, carte de visites (CDV's), cabinet cards (CAB's), and photo post cards. The uniforms represented in the photograph will be described. When photographs are identified, biographies of the soldiers life and the regiments they served in will be presented.

Orders, decorations, and medals for services in campaigns of the British and Indian Armies in the 19th Century:

Orders, Decorations,and Campaign Medals of the British Army 1815 to 1920.

Orders, Decorations, and Campaign Medals of the Indian Army 1815 to 1920.

These two sections will present examples of various medals and the biographies of the soldiers who received them along with historical notes on their regiments. British campaign medals of the 19th Century have the recipient's name and regiment engraved or impressed on the rim of the medal and serve to give a researcher a starting point to create a biography of an individual soldier. Campaign medals are a very personal representation of a soldiers participation in a military campaign of the 19th Century.

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